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Looking Forward to Autoship Version 4.1

2017 will see a lot of new features for WC Autoship starting with our first 2017 update version 4.1 “Rooster”.

Versions 4.0 “Monkey” and 4.1 “Rooster” are named after Zodiac Calendar Years

4.1 focuses on 3 features of Autoship:

  1. Shipping: version 4.1 introduces optional settings to override Shipping methods – our top requested feature since version 4 debuted with support for WooCommerce Shipping Zones and Methods.
  2. Payments: version 4.1 will feature support for the most popular WooCommerce payment gateway integrations that aren’t using the standard WC Payment Token API starting with Authorize.Net CIM payments by WooCommerce.
  3. Customer Experience: Autoship Schedules now offer customers the ability to change the Frequency (example: change from “every 2 weeks” to “monthly”).  Previously this was only available to WordPress Admins using bulk updates.  This feature works with our popular add-on for Custom Product Page options.

Right now, we have version 4.1 running on several test sites on multiple hosting platforms and are busy creating new documentation and content to get stores up and running on these new features including screenshots and video documentation.

WC Autoship Version 4.1 “Rooster” is scheduled for release early January 2017.

Happy New Year!


I’m the best Post and Newest

Integrate my content into the new site.  This is the actual article test down here.

Oh Yeah!

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